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urban renewal

We specialize in urban renewal projects. Starting from the stage of locating the property, performing engineering tests and a new business plan for the building in accordance with the requirements and standards that are compatible with the Greek market.

New construction

We are currently managing a number of new construction projects across the metropolis, with an emphasis on the Riviera of Athens, and developed neighborhoods in the city center.

Project management

Our company offers full management and support services from A to Z regarding real estate investments in Greece.

Property Management

Our company provides a complete package of services to the investor in regards to property management.

About Beta-Estate

Beta-Estate is an investment house in Greece that specializes in real estate investments. The fact that we have been living in Athens for the past 5 years, has triggered us to establish Beta-Estate.

In recent years, we have made a number of private real estate investments in the city. The investments have yielded nice returns and slowly, word of mouth, there have been inquiries from investors who asks us to assist in the process.

Today, Beta-Estate accompanies investors in various purchases in Athens and the surrounding area. We specialize in residential buildings and commercial investments.

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Elazar Kaykov

With 7 years of experience in marketing and sales, former officer in the IDF, entrepreneur and a real estate investor. Elazar brings with him 4 years of experience, during which he worked at Natam-Real-Estate-Services , Specializing in commercial real estate. Elazar managed the Tel Aviv team in the company.

Harel Ravins

With 5 years of experience in project management, former fighter and commander in the IDF, entrepreneur and a real estate investor. In recent years, Harel has gained rich experience in the field of engineering and planning, including supervision and project management. Today, Harel manages the engineering aspect of the company at all levels.

Yodik Madar

With over 8 years of experience in management, a former officer in the IDF, entrepreneur and a real estate investor. In recent years, Yodik has gained extensive experience in regards to legal and bureaucratic issues in real estate in Greece, which makes him an expert in the field today.


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